Freitag, 21. November 2014


I hope you do not get bored by the use of my many backgrounds....
This time I finally took the time to start a first try with my Pam Carriker face stencil - shading is really not that simple and even harder on a coloured background...but with so many backgrounds left - LOL

Stamps from de Stempelwinkel.

Have a great and joyful weekend - you might like to enjoy you christmas shopping as I do - ONLINE!!!


  1. Nein -- es langweilt mich sicher nicht.. ein geniales Werk Silke.... super!

  2. Who's getting bored? Not me! You certainly know how to use your backgrounds, it seems to be made especially for this collage!
    I like the way you integrated the stamps into your collage. Keep using backgrounds please! LOL

  3. Eine total schöne Seite, da gefällt mir einfach alles.

  4. Love your art. This one is my favourite.
    I've been looking for that stamp too you used at the bottom, Live Love Laugh. Can you give me codes or a link to buying this one for myself. You art has inspired me to create today.