Sonntag, 10. November 2013

ALPHA DICTIONARY CHALLENGE - LETTER Q as in quantity and some running journal pages

Like anybody else participating at the letter Q challange

 I was going through my little dictionary. It was not an easy one, but when I discovered this Quote I thought it would fit perfectly

By the way, the glass was made with my Sizzix die  bell jar, some packing (that might have even gone with that one) and alcohol inks.
participating as well at:
Last Weekend I was in Bad Aibling, spending a complete Weekend with my crafty friends from Munich. And having seen the "running Journal" on YouTube we really had to give it a try (actually 3, but one was given away as a present).
You don´t know what that is? Each participant has 3-5 minutes for a single page, and then the next Person brings in her ideas to that our case we were mostly 8-9 persons. So here´s what we did - art by 9 one a single page
Sounds like fun? It was !!!!

Freitag, 1. November 2013

open door

When Susi asked to define a Topic and make a journaling page for the blog

I said immediately yes (very happy and proud indeed) and my choice was/is doors

So here we go

I really do hope you all come and play along with us.

Hugs, S