Sonntag, 31. März 2013


There´s a new challange at

This time it´s the letter R.  I have choosen the word Roller, a bird. Hope you like my page.  Yes I know, quite a lot of colour, enough white outside my window :)

"Never give up on a dream because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway"
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calendar page week 21

Dear friends,

I wish you all a happy Eastern and want to thank you for subscribing and commenting. Love to read your comments and they always give me the feeling not to be totally crazy crafting but that there are more people out there who do love the same as I do.

So here´s my week 21 with a traveling theme:

Stamps used: de Stempelwinkel and tiddly ink (suitcases).

Have a great day with your family and good luck finding many easter eggs!

I almost forgot: there are some news I want to share with you. I am leaving the DT of de Stempelwinkel at the end of June, but for those who follow the blog, Jetske has found a great new DT member. You really should take a look. You can see some of the new DT member already in April.

It´s been a hard decision but I have to do more sports and less crafting. And being forced to limit my crafting time I wanted to be a free spirit, crafting whatever I want and whenever I have time.
And taking crafting online-classes (21 secrets) this will use up quite a bit of that time. I am going to show you my efforts :)

A big hug

Mittwoch, 27. März 2013

out of bounds

There´s a new challange at the 3 Muses

and here´s my interpretation of the topic

Stamps used: de Stempelwinkel, Tim Holtz
digital images: artchixstudio (houses), tumblefish studio (frame)

Have a great day

Dienstag, 26. März 2013

Montag, 25. März 2013

take a word - umbrella

Over at there is a new challange.
I recently found this quote by and thought this was perfect for the topic umbrella and using and playing with some new dylusion stencils -  having fun -  here´s my page

 "No relationship is all sunshine, but two people can share one umbrella and survive the storm together".

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Sonntag, 24. März 2013

O as in Ostern

It was easter time and Alice had been searching all over the place and she was quite frustrated because she had only found one single egg. Wish I could help her...

At least the sun was shining.
Details of the stamps I have used:
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Samstag, 23. März 2013

calendar page week 19

It´s a bird´s world for week 19. I used magazine pages for the bird silhouettes (this paper is great as it is not so thick) and doddled a little bit. Mod Podge glued everything together.

Have a nice day

Freitag, 22. März 2013

new challage Punch it out- border or other punch

Time for a new challange at  sponsored by Sassy Studio Designs

I still had some children building blocks in my stash and given one of the digital images of Sassy Studio Design I just knew, I wanted to make my own creepy village. So here´s my first house

stamps I used were from Inkadinkado, digital images from Alpha Stamps

Hope you like it. Have a great day!

calendar page week 18

Just wanted to show you  what I fabricated last night -  week 18

and thank you all for wishing me well.

eyestamp: de Stempelwinkel

Donnerstag, 21. März 2013

Ballons for the 3 muses challange

Still fighting the cold and being forced to stay at home (not walking around like a virus monster) I tried my luck with the new topic at

I bought myself the book Art Doodle Love and love their backgrounds. I cannot bring myself to doodle in that book - but nevertheless it´s a cool inspiration

Stamps used: artistic outpost, de Stempelwinkel
Happy sneezing (just kidding, hope you can avoid getting ill)

Dienstag, 19. März 2013

journaling page with the letter P

My daugher is a very giving person - which is great, don´t get me wrong - but concerning her viruses and illnesses I´d rather be not given anything.
So this morning due to a lot of caughing and sneezing I got up at 4 am, and finished this journaling page and a lot more stuff. It´s incredible what you can get done at this hour. Quite and special moments that let creativity flow

Just in case you are wondering: I used a face stencil and pan pastels for my first try.
Stamps I used are from art journey and Stampers Anonymous/Tim Holtz.
Due to popular demand:
the face stencil is from
HEIKE SCHÄFER Create your Fashion Beauty FRAUENGESICHT Gesicht 3
bought at
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Calendar pages week 16 and 17

Here we go again - doing that weekly calendar makes me realize how much time is flying.  Keeping up with the weeks and journaling each week gives you a feeling of how short each time span is.

As you know I am not much of a sewer so isn´t it great that Hot of the press is helping me out :)

The funny guy you might have seen before (100 proof press) and the rest is a wild mixture of Hero Art, pink paislee and 7gypsies.
This page started completly different - but I did not really like it, great there is gesso :)

Sonntag, 17. März 2013

Art journal page with Alice

Here´s an art journal page with Alice (soorry, I do love the characters and it´s one of the topics for this month) where I tried to combine digital images from scrapbookgraphics and stamps from de stempelwinkel. Making the list at the blog with all the links to the stamps I just had realized how many there were.

So for the recipe you go to

The page was inspired by Maddalena Gerli

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Samstag, 16. März 2013

follow the yelllow brick road - altered book

a while ago - being all enthusiastic about altering books - I made my own Wizard of Ozz landscape which I want to share with you now (having completly forgotten about the pics, but remembering it well when hopping over to
I love the story of a great friendship, a friendship that even wins against the bad witch-together.

For the tree I used my cricut, stamps are from creavil and some images from Dover.

It was a lot of fun building it up and I hape you enjoyed the walk.

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Freitag, 15. März 2013

monstertime (atc challange)

Here are some atcs I made for a munich stamping group, topic -  you probably can guess it - is monsters.
I did not want to make them too scary - that is not really anyone´s taste so here´s my interpretation of the topic

Stamps used (from left to right):

1. Cherry pie, Inkadindado, technique Tuesday
2. Zetty (Teesha Moore), Dylusion
3. Nonsequitur, Inkadinkado, Dylusion, Oxford Impressions

I just can hope that my daughter is feeling better next week (we started this morning with almost 39 degress) to be able to activly trade.

Hope you all out there are in good health. And wasn´t it great to see a snow "storm" this morning - hey, the easter bunny does not like to look like St. Claus, please no more snow!

Donnerstag, 14. März 2013

upcycled handbag

I have been very impressed by the upcycled handbags of Joy (autumnsensation on flickr) and with some advice of Joy here´s the first try I did. A lot of collage elements (deviantscrap) and Tim Holtz stamps.

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Montag, 11. März 2013

Notice holder

Alice had an admirer (who was very much in love with her). He made himself a notice holder with everything Alice liked, of course her photo was obligatory

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Samstag, 9. März 2013

journaling calender week 14 and 15

Proudly presenting week 14 and 15 of my journal, using some of my rub-ons stash. Don´t know about you, but I am one of these persons who is hording crafting supplies - always thinking about that special idea I would need it for. So I "forced" myself to use my supplies before they are becoming antiques :)

Freitag, 8. März 2013

Left of center creative challange Buttons and/or bows

It´s time for a new challange at with Buttons and/or bows

sponsored by Floppy Latte. The coffin ist a Digi Image sponsored by them. Come and join us at this great new challange blog.

Bi-weekly Challenges that allow/encourage all things Left of Center- Steampunk, Goth, Halloween (year-round), dark, spooky, creepy, anime, edgy, mythical (fairy tale, mermaids, dragons, fairy, literary characters, fan art), and ..... come and take a look


Dienstag, 5. März 2013

Calendar page week 13

I made this little easter parade for week 13. I used a cut out egg (cricut) and circled around it with a black marker. The bunnies are from a sheet of poesy pictures.

Montag, 4. März 2013

all aboard

T&T were bored by all the heads up and stuff. They decided to get a job and believe me, if was a tough choice.
They built a boat (from one of mother goose super eggs) and hired a helper for the steam. And off they went

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new challange at scrappy frog

A new challange at

Luck O' the Irish-Use Green
Hope you like my interpretion of the theme that I also used as a birthday card

Stamps used: cake (Mini blueprints, Stampers Anonymous; postage stamp (paperarsy) and the rest of the stamps including the funny dancing guy by 100 proof press.
Background was made using Dylusion ink sprays and stencils.

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Sonntag, 3. März 2013

triple MOOs

There´s a new challage at MOO Mania

Playing around some more with fluid acylics here´s a birthday card I made using a stamp from paperbag studios (simple pleasure)

Hope you have a great Sunday!

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Freitag, 1. März 2013