Samstag, 5. Januar 2013

no uploading of pictures

Dear friends,

I am fighting with uploading new pics, but I am not able to do so (having no longer the possibility to upload from my computer - only other options).
Until that is solved you have to go to flickr to see my calendar pages 2013 and anything new. Posts for the DT of de stempelwinkel I had already uploaded, you can see, but apart from that......Sorry.

If you had that problem as well and solved it - I would be very grateful for some advice.

Hugs, Silke


  1. Oups, das hört sich ja nicht so toll an. Wieso kannst du denn keine Fotos mehr hochladen ? Ein PC oder ein Blogspot Problem ?

  2. Silke, the problem seems to be with Blogger. I was having problems too and did an Internet search and found some useful information. You can upload your photos if you use the HTML button to upload and then switch back to "compose" to add any info you need to your blog post. Hope this helps. If it's not clear, do a Google search and read some of the other bloggers suggestions to get around this problem until they get it fixed.