Mittwoch, 19. September 2012

alice in a box

With fantasy and kids as a topic I could not withstand to use my alice in wonderland stamps, some fish tins, hinges.....(to be completly honest with you, I have never read the book, but I love the stamps of the characters....)

Here´s what I did



detailed information of the stamps I have used as usually at


  1. Oh, you should read Alice. It's a wonderful book. I love your Alice box too.

  2. Oh! Definitely! You should read 'Alice' as it is all a bunch of stuff and nonsense! That is why most of us are "mad here"! Love what you created in the Alice in Wonderland did go see the 'Alice in Wonderland' movie? Of course, they always say the movie is nothing like the book...but Tim Burton did a marvelous job with the movie!
    Ta! Ta!
    Teresa in California

  3. Exquisitely crafted ! So beautiful.

  4. What a charming little tin! Thanks so much for sharing with The Altered Alice. xxD

  5. Excellent, I'm speechless, really an awesome art work.Ist ganz toll gemacht,
    liebe Grüße Anja

  6. Thanks for playing along with The Altered Alice! Your tin is magical, I love it!

  7. Love your tin! Gorgeous. Read the book its wonderful.